Swang Thru Sprung!

Well, it’s here. When Travis, Wesley, Kristy and I first started talking about the concept of doing a weekend together, it was nearly two years ago! Time has crawled by as we’ve drawn closer and closer to the event. To me, this is kind of like Christmas to a child. I am so excited to rock 9 or 10 squares at the Lure Lodge at Lake Cumberland this weekend. Unbelievably, we’ve sold out our allotment of rooms. We have blocked more rooms for 2024 in anticipation of growing the event a little bit. We’re adding ROUNDS in 2024, so we’ll certainly be classier, if nothing else, LOL.

In addition to some lively square dancing this weekend, we have some fun activities planned for the after parties both nights! I’m going to encourage everyone to take lots of pictures and videos and post them on their favorite social media platforms. Come dance and party with us if you can!