Privates Stolen While Dancing at Church!

Holy Dosido Batman! We had our privates stolen just prior to the Eclipse Dance in Springfield, OH. Being very diligent about (and maybe slightly over-protective of) our Eclipse Dance on April 8th, we placed yard signs at the entrance to the church parking lot indicating that we were having a private square dance event (see pics below). We planned on dancing in the parking lot during the eclipse, while also accommodating cars, vans, RV and buses of dancers. The last thing we wanted was a parking lot full of eclipse viewers squatting on our territory. During the night, someone removed the word “PRIVATE” from all four of our signs!! Turns out we didn’t have any squatters, but rather a very lively bunch of square dancers that traveled from near and far. We had representation from KY, IN, OH, TN, NC, and even MN. There were callers and cuers, new dancers and veterans, and even a couple of newlyweds kicking off their honeymoon!  Congrats Marianne and Lysle!

The dancing started inside, but migrated to the parking lot as the moon started blotting out the sun. Each of our four callers did their eclipse tribute song in the order that was determined by an online poll. I sang It’s Just the Sun, Wesley Fenton followed that with The Galaxy Song, next was Tom Davis performing Talkin’ to the Moon, and Kristy wrapped it up with Sound of Silence, a perfect ending that left us only seconds from totality. We all marveled as the moon completed its mission of eclipsing the sun. It is difficult to put into words how it felt when the electric-blue ring appeared momentarily to outline the black silhouette of the moon, the diamond flash of the final stage just before totality, and the appearance of the red flares to put an exclamation point on a celestial spectacle like no other. We got in a few dance moves during the two minute, fifteen second period of totality that Springfield had to offer, allowing all the dancers to earn their “Eclipse 2024” dangle.

After the dance, some of us went to dinner with the group of nine Minnesotans that drove throughout the night to dance and celebrate with us. Dan and Janet Sahlstrom packed up the family in their RV and made the trek, braving all sorts of traffic and weather along the way. Dan cued some rounds for us, and joined us to call a tip of squares. I love my ever-expanding square dance family. I love calling for the dancers in KY, IN, OH and TN. I love calling with Tom and Travis and Wesley and Tim (and now) Dan. And YeH, I especially love calling with my beautiful and talented wife, Kristy. I hope to see YOU on the dance floor soon.