Lyrics to Sunny Side

Chuck & Kristy needed some zest,
They knew Hoosier dancers are the best,
So they packed it on up and…moved on in.
[where’s that?] … INDIANA
It’s just a toll bridge ride, to the Sunny Side

[ALT Tag] It’s a little slice of heaven, on the Sunny Side


Spoken: KW: There’s no Derby here. CW: No bourbon either!

KW: I guess we have to get used to Indy cars. CW: What’s a Hoosier anyway?
[where’s that?] … It ain’t KENTUCKY
[TAG] Where basketball is IU, but we still bleed blue


We’re at convention and we’ve come to play,

If it ain’t the first Saturday in May,

Where the Indy cars are racing,

And they love their basketball,

We’re the Hoosiers from KY,

And we love Y’ALL!