Graduation approaching, Christmas too!!

At Double H in Jeffersonville, we started lessons on August 15th, so we are rapidly approaching Gradumatory Commisurations. Yes, we’re going to Commencuratify our students. We have five students, each one cuter and more intelligent than the next. 🙂 I guess they take after their instructors, huh? Anyway, if you see them at a dance near you, be sure to say hi! I’ll post pictures on here from our Graduation Dance.

In the meantime, Double H will have its Christmas dance on Saturday, December 10th from 7:00 to 10:00. We will do a live drawing for the $920 Gift Card Basket winner, so be sure to buy some tickets before Saturday!

I’ll probably be in Lexington with Kristy on Friday night (12/9) for the Dosidos Charity Dance. Come see us there if you can!

I’ll be doing two more Christmas dances the following weekend: 12/16 at Quakertown Shakers (Plainfield, IN), and 12/18 at Concord Cloverleafs (@Michael Solomon Pavilion in Dayton, OH). I’m looking forward to both, but am extra excited about working with Bonnie Lawrence since she has promised me a Gooseberry pie!

See you around the square!