French Lick – IN Convention

I had a blast at the 2022 Indiana Convention in French Lick this past weekend! We had over 300 dancers dancing at levels from SSD thru A2, Hex, Sicilian Circles, Rounds, and lots more. As usual, the facility was awesome, and Legendz Sports Bar & Grill even stayed open late so that we could relax and party after the dancing on Fri/Sat nights. Special thanks to Ray for the pizza and chips!!

As is the case with most SD conventions, getting to call with my caller friends is always the highlight. Me, Travis, Kristy, Tom Davis & Wesley harmonized on “This Little Light” for the first time ever, with no prior practice and sounded pretty darned good! It was truly an emotional experience; that song plays heartstrings anyway, and to pull off THAT performance with THAT group, was incredible. It’s a moment and a feeling I will never forget.

I got to do “Whole World/Rock My Soul” with Travis & Kristy on Sunday morning, too. Performing that song, which I have known since my childhood, always gives me goosebumps. On a side note, I was happy to find that some vocal range I had recently lost, returned. Yay!

Another highlight, on Saturday during Primetime, Kristy and I performed “Mobile” calling out Tom & Tina Wilkins during the song’s middle break. I’m pretty sure they will now be hosting that 3,000+ dancer NSDC-72 afterparty at their place in June.

I participated in a competition for the first time EVER this weekend (Mainstream DBD) and our square was awarded third place (out of 8 squares that competed)! [We actually finished in second place, but due to poor eyesight by the caller, or our judge, we took bronze.] Not that I’m competitive or anything… I’ll definitely try it again sometime!

It was great seeing dancer friends from KY, IN, OH, TN, AL, IL, and points beyond. I made some new friends, sang some new songs, and thoroughly enjoyed hearing some fantastic callers doing their thing! Kudos to the organizers and volunteers that made this a wonderful convention. You’re doing it right Indiana!