Privates Stolen While Dancing at Church!

Holy Dosido Batman! We had our privates stolen just prior to the Eclipse Dance in Springfield, OH. Being very diligent about (and maybe slightly over-protective of) our Eclipse Dance on April 8th, we placed yard signs at the entrance to the church parking lot indicating that we were having a private square dance event (see […]

Is it just me, or are energy levels on the rise?

Maybe it’s just me, but the SD community seems to be more energized in 2024. Have any of you guys noticed it? The dances Kristy and I have called or attended in the past 30 days have been as lively as any I have ever seen. Wheeler Dealers in Lexington on Feb 2, Dosidos Halfway […]

Some Dances are Special, even if they are not Specials

Yes, and such is the case from last Friday at Wheeler Dealers in Lexington. It was Groundhog Day, but that’s not what made it special. It was the dancers. All 6+ squares of them. They got louder and more energetic with each song, and hung around to the very end. Heck, 30 of us went […]

PREVIEW: Finance & Economics

In the next few weeks, I will be taking on the discussion of finances and economics of Square Dancing. The first article will be the economics of square dance calling. If you think this article isn’t important to the average dancer, think again. Clubs must bring in enough cash to remain viable, and callers must […]

The state of Square Dancing in our state

First off, Happy New Year. While the holidays were busy, I sure hope they brought much joy and family time for you all. I know they did for Kristy and me. On Sunday January 7, Kristy and I hosted an informal meeting in our home that brought together the leadership of both state organizations (KSDA […]

***BREAKING*** Moo Snooze

What is “Moo Snooze” anyway? Well, it’s “Moose News”, and I just wanted to see who amongst you is paying attention. ***BREAKING MOOSE NEWS*** – SQUARE DANCING IN LOUISVILLE The Moose Club is excited to announce it is making changes to its format AND dance time! Starting in January, MOOSE WILL BECOME AN ALL-PLUS CLUB […]

Holiday Updates

As the weather turns colder and our SD tunes start to sing of bells and snowflakes, there is still lots of HOT dancing action going on in our area! For more details, check out the Regional Calendar here: You certainly don’t want to miss the Double H Christmas Dance on December 9th. There will […]

New Feature: Regional Calendar

Check out the new Regional Calendar tab on my site. This allows dancers to view ALL dances in Louisville, Lexington, S. Indiana, and throughout KY, regardless of who is calling. This is basically an electronic version of the monthly square/round dance calendar that is published by Sharon Conley. Bookmark it and use it to find […]

Hello…?…Anyone Listening?

I’m convinced no one is reading these posts. Prove me wrong. Click on ‘Contact’ and shoot me a message. Tell me at a dance. Send me a text. Telegram? Fax? I’ll settle for a smoke signal. On to the next topic. Be sure not to miss the KFSD weekend in Somerset on Sep 7-8-9. Travis […]


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