Hit Show: Well, I suppose he could, but I really doubt he will hit show. More like Hit 9th or Hit 10th, but those wouldn’t have been fun names! Seriously, he has a great trainer (Brad Cox), is an improving horse, but he drew a really crappy post position. It’s tough to overcome, and I […]

Swang Thru Sprung!

Well, it’s here. When Travis, Wesley, Kristy and I first started talking about the concept of doing a weekend together, it was nearly two years ago! Time has crawled by as we’ve drawn closer and closer to the event. To me, this is kind of like Christmas to a child. I am so excited to […]

March Brings Excitement and Anticipation

True to the season of Spring, March is bursting forth with excitement, and basketball ain’t all that’s in the air! Weekend dancing at Lake Cumberland (March 24-25) is only two weeks away, and me, Kristy, Wes and Travis have a ton of fun events planned.  If you don’t have fun, Travis will personally double your […]

Spring Square Dance Season is just around the corner!

I can feel it! Spring is near, and so are the fun Square Dance events that go along with it. I can’t wait for the spring festivals and some outdoor dancing! The season will officially kick off on March 24 & 25 at Lake Cumberland with Swing Thru Spring. Join me, Kristy, Travis and Wesley […]

January 2023

I know it’s not just me when I see the months flying by in the blink of an eye. It’s incredible how fast we live! The best advice I can offer to combat the syndrome is to Live in the Moment. Enjoy the simplest, most mundane tasks to whatever extent you can. Maximize your time […]

Weekend of 12/9 – 12/10

Congrats to Dosidos Square Dance Club in Lexington for raising over $1,400 at their charity dance on Friday! The funds were presented in heart-warming fashion to the deserving family at the dance. I helped Kristy call since she’s still in recovery mode, and sound a bit like Kermit the Frog. A well-modulated Kermit, mind you, […]

Graduation approaching, Christmas too!!

At Double H in Jeffersonville, we started lessons on August 15th, so we are rapidly approaching Gradumatory Commisurations. Yes, we’re going to Commencuratify our students. We have five students, each one cuter and more intelligent than the next. 🙂 I guess they take after their instructors, huh? Anyway, if you see them at a dance […]

Dancer’s Day Out – Dayton, OH

The dancers in Ohio were up to the challenge of making the Ohio version of DDO the most well attended in 2022. We had 96 dancers in KY, 105 in IN, and 141 in OH. Wow! What a turnout. Not only did they come out in droves, they were loud and they were fun! Me, […]

French Lick – IN Convention

I had a blast at the 2022 Indiana Convention in French Lick this past weekend! We had over 300 dancers dancing at levels from SSD thru A2, Hex, Sicilian Circles, Rounds, and lots more. As usual, the facility was awesome, and Legendz Sports Bar & Grill even stayed open late so that we could relax […]

Indiana State @ French Lick

It’s going to be a fun weekend in French Lick on Nov 4-6! I’m looking forward to calling with my “besties” on Fri/Sat/Sun. Those gospel duos, trios and quartets on Sunday morning are the bomb!