A Tim Tyl Weekend

Callers like to dance too, and I am no exception. So when I heard Tim Tyl was coming to this part of the country, I blocked the dates on my calendar. I first danced to Tim in 1987 in Shreveport, LA, and he quickly became my favorite caller. I caught his act as often as I could while I lived in Texas, but then I moved to CA for several years, followed by a return to my home state of KY, and was denied the ability to enjoy his calling again until 2019 when he made the trip to KFSD in Lexington. During that convention, I actually got the opportunity to call a tip with him, something I could never have imagined back in 1987. Well, he returned to Lexington this past Friday, calling a barn dance for Dosidos, and I enjoyed every tip! Also made the trek to Dayton on Sunday to catch him at Gem City Squares, and even stuck around the area for a little bit of A-level dancing with Tim, Tom Davis and Ken Burke on Sunday evening. I’m kinda tired this morning, but it was well worth it. See y’all around the square!