2024 Swing Through Spring

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103/22/2024FridayChuck Woods, Kristy Woods, Wesley Fenton, Travis CookMainstream3:00 PM3:10 PMMain Hall
203/22/2024FridayCharlene & James MannRounds3:10 PM3:20 PMMain Hall
303/22/2024FridayTravis Cook, Wesley FentonMainstream3:20 PM3:30 PMMain Hall
403/22/2024FridayKristy WoodsLines3:30 PM3:40 PMMain Hall
503/22/2024FridayWesley Fenton, Kristy WoodsPlus3:40 PM3:50 PMMain Hall
603/22/2024FridayCharlene & James MannRounds3:50 PM4:00 PMMain Hall
703/22/2024FridayKristy Woods, Travis CookMainstream4:00 PM4:10 PMMain Hall
803/22/2024FridayCharlene & James MannRounds4:10 PM4:20 PMMain Hall
903/22/2024FridayTravis Cook, Chuck WoodsPlus4:20 PM4:30 PMMain Hall
1003/22/2024FridayCharlene & James MannRounds4:30 PM4:40 PMMain Hall
1103/22/2024FridayChuck Woods, Kristy Woods, Wesley Fenton, Travis CookMainstream4:40 PM4:50 PMMain Hall
1203/22/2024FridayAnnouncementsAnnouncements4:50 PM5:00 PMMain Hall
1303/22/2024FridayDinner BreakDinner Break5:00 PM6:15 PMRowena's
1403/22/2024FridayCharlene & James MannRounds6:15 PM7:00 PMMain Hall
1503/22/2024FridayChuck Woods, Kristy Woods, Wesley Fenton, Travis CookMainstream7:00 PM7:10 PMMain Hall
1603/22/2024FridayCharlene & James MannRounds7:10 PM7:20 PMMain Hall
1703/22/2024FridayKristy Woods, Travis CookPlus7:20 PM7:30 PMMain Hall
1803/22/2024FridayCharlene & James MannRounds7:30 PM7:40 PMMain Hall
1903/22/2024FridayWesley Fenton, Chuck WoodsMainstream7:40 PM7:50 PMMain Hall
2003/22/2024FridayKristy WoodsLines7:50 PM8:00 PMMain Hall
2103/22/2024FridayChuck Woods, Kristy Woods, Wesley Fenton, Travis CookMainstream8:00 PM8:10 PMMain Hall
2203/22/2024FridayCharlene & James MannRounds8:10 PM8:20 PMMain Hall
2303/22/2024FridayTravis Cook, Chuck WoodsPlus8:20 PM8:30 PMMain Hall
2403/22/2024FridayCharlene & James MannRounds8:30 PM8:40 PMMain Hall
2503/22/2024FridayWesley Fenton, Chuck WoodsMainstream8:40 PM8:50 PMMain Hall
2603/22/2024FridayKristy WoodsLines8:50 PM9:00 PMMain Hall
2703/22/2024FridayKristy Woods, Chuck WoodsMainstream9:00 PM9:10 PMMain Hall
2803/22/2024FridayCharlene & James MannRounds9:10 PM9:20 PMMain Hall
2903/22/2024FridayTravis Cook, Wesley FentonPlus9:20 PM9:30 PMMain Hall
3003/22/2024FridayCharlene & James MannRounds9:30 PM9:40 PMMain Hall
3103/22/2024FridayTim Tyl, Chuck Woods, Kristy Woods, Wesley Fenton, Travis CookMainstream9:40 PM9:50 PMMain Hall
3203/22/2024FridayAnnouncements & 50/50Announcements & 50/509:50 PM10:00 PMMain Hall
3303/22/2024FridayAfterpartyAfterparty10:00 PM10:40 PMMain Hall
3403/22/2024SaturdayCharlene & James MannLatin Sounds Ph 2/3+10:00 AM11:00 AMMain Hall
3503/23/2024SaturdayTim TylSquares Workshop11:00 AM12:00 PMMain Hall
3603/23/2024SaturdayWesley FentonPool Dangles Dancing12:10 PM12:30 PMPool
3703/23/2024SaturdayLunch BreakLunch Break12:30 PM2:00 PMRowena's
3803/23/2024SaturdayTim Tyl, Chuck Woods, Kristy Woods, Wesley FentonMainstream2:00 PM2:10 PMMain Hall
3903/23/2024SaturdayCharlene & James MannRounds2:10 PM2:20 PMMain Hall
4003/23/2024SaturdayTim TylPlus2:20 PM2:30 PMMain Hall
4103/23/2024SaturdayCharlene & James MannRounds2:30 PM2:40 PMMain Hall
4203/23/2024SaturdayChuck WoodsMainstream2:40 PM2:50 PMMain Hall
4303/23/2024SaturdayKristy WoodsLines2:50 PM3:00 PMMain Hall
4403/23/2024SaturdayWesley FentonMainstream3:00 PM3:10 PMMain Hall
4503/23/2024SaturdayCharlene & James MannRounds3:10 PM3:20 PMMain Hall
4603/23/2024SaturdayKristy WoodsPlus3:20 PM3:30 PMMain Hall
4703/23/2024SaturdayCharlene & James MannRounds3:30 PM3:40 PMMain Hall
4803/23/2024SaturdayTim Tyl, Chuck Woods, Kristy Woods, Wesley FentonMainstream3:40 PM3:50 PMMain Hall
4903/23/2024SaturdayAnnouncementsAnnouncements3:50 PM4:00 PMMain Hall
5003/23/2024SaturdayCalleramaCallerama & HOT HASH!!4:00 PM5:00 PMMain Hall
5103/23/2024SaturdayDinner BreakDinner Break5:00 PM6:15 PMRowena's
5203/23/2024SaturdayCharlene & James MannRounds6:15 PM7:00 PMMain Hall
5303/23/2024SaturdayInvocation / Honors / IntroductionsOpening7:00 PM7:15 PMMain Hall
5403/23/2024SaturdayTim Tyl, Chuck Woods, Kristy Woods, Wesley FentonMainstream7:15 PM7:25 PMMain Hall
5503/23/2024SaturdayCharlene & James MannRounds7:25 PM7:35 PMMain Hall
5603/23/2024SaturdayKristy Woods, Tim TylPlus7:35 PM7:45 PMMain Hall
5703/23/2024SaturdayCharlene & James MannRounds7:45 PM7:55 PMMain Hall
5803/23/2024SaturdayChuck Woods, Wesley FentonMainstream7:55 PM8:05 PMMain Hall
5903/23/2024SaturdayKristy WoodsLines8:05 PM8:15 PMMain Hall
6003/23/2024SaturdayTim Tyl, Chuck Woods, Kristy Woods, Wesley FentonMainstream8:15 PM8:25 PMMain Hall
6103/23/2024SaturdayCharlene & James MannRounds8:25 PM8:35 PMMain Hall
6203/23/2024SaturdayTim Tyl, Chuck WoodsPlus8:35 PM8:45 PMMain Hall
6303/23/2024SaturdayCharlene & James MannRounds8:45 PM8:55 PMMain Hall
6403/23/2024SaturdayWesley Fenton, Kristy WoodsMainstream8:55 PM9:05 PMMain Hall
6503/23/2024SaturdayKristy WoodsLines9:05 PM9:15 PMMain Hall
6603/23/2024SaturdayTim Tyl, Wesley FentonMainstream9:15 PM9:25 PMMain Hall
6703/23/2024SaturdayCharlene & James MannRounds9:25 PM9:35 PMMain Hall
6803/23/2024SaturdayTim Tyl, Chuck Woods, Kristy Woods, Wesley FentonMainstream9:35 PM9:55 PMMain Hall
6903/23/2024SaturdayAnnouncements & 50/50Announcements & 50/509:55 PM10:05 PMMain Hall
7003/23/2024SaturdayAfterpartyAfterparty10:15 PM11:00 PMMain Hall

The tables above can be filtered in a number of ways:  by day, dance level, dance leader, etc.  Simply select the dropdown box and choose the data you want to display.

You can use MULTIPLE filters.  For example, if you wanted to know when Tim Tyl is calling Plus on Saturday, then pick Tim Tyl from the leader column, Sat from the day column, and Plus from the level column.

You can also use the search box to search for ANY string of letters within the table.

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