Welcome to my website! Take a look around and let me know if you like it. Got a question? Just ask it in CHUCK-EE’S CORNER. I’ll answer anything! Need to see if I’m available to call a dance for your club or organization? Pop into my CALENDAR below. Want to know my life history? Wow, you must REALLY be bored! Nonetheless, check out my ABOUT section.

OOH, don’t forget to check out my pics and videos. I love singing with my square dance calling buddies, which is why I love the state conventions in KY, TN, and IN.

I’ve called at a few National Conventions, too (Kansas City, Atlanta & Evansville).

Currently I call Mainstream and Plus levels but am learning to call A1 and A2. I share the calling duties at my local club, Double H Squares in Jeffersonville, IN.

I’m a member of KY Federation of Square Dance, Indiana Dancers Association and CALLERLAB. Licensed by BMI and ASCAP.

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